September 29, 2021

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Which Antivirus program is safe to use for Mobile’s protection?

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Which Antivirus program is safe to use for Mobile's protection

In this modern era, everything is saved on a Mobile phone for easy access to something. Because Mobile has become more advanced in terms of technology and affordable in terms of price so, there are some young professionals and students who are using them across the world. Some professional users save their official private data and students save their presentations. Apart from this, almost all people use their mobile phones for online transactions, bill payments and shopping, and this is the reason they save their credit/debit card numbers for easy and fast transactions. These data are basically sensitive as it has so much information at your fingertips so it leaves the user vulnerable to mobile security threats.

Although the Mobile phone has its own security apps which are designed to protect your personal data and sensitive information but, they aren’t that effective. Fashionable Smart Phones are just like a small PC and are as vulnerable as PC to malware attacks. Malware programs are designed specifically to target the weakness in Mobile communication via Wi-Fi networks, messaging as well as via operating systems or browsers.

Never think that your Mobile is completely protected with its own security features or with third-party security applications that are available on the Play Store. These applications are not designed by keeping the advanced and stubborn malware and viruses therefore, they won’t be able to protect your mobile phone in case of any security emergency. It means these applications are not for high-end security.

By keeping these things in mind, it is highly recommended to install Mobile Antivirus on your mobile phone. Now there is a big question that there are so many antivirus programs available in the market so this is obvious that the users get confused while choosing the apt one for their mobile security. Don’t worry, have a look at the below-given chart to know the capability of the antivirus software program for mobile protection.

Norton Mobile Security – A complete Mobile Shield

The Android app of Norton is one of the best reasonable and excellent premium options when it comes to mobile security. Norton comes with several free features and but it has 30- day free trial for Android work. If you know that you aren’t looking towards a strong and powerful Android security then, you should go through Norton Free for 30 days is a perfect deal for you. 

AVG/Avast – Comprehensive Security for Mobile

There are a few reviews on trusted websites that suggest that you should try AVG at least once. Yes, this security software is something different when it comes to protecting your device against viruses, malware, and threats. This security software has excellent security tools and features that provide comprehensive protection to your mobile data, contacts, and other private folders along with emails.

Bitdefender Mobile Security –Protection against Malware for Android devices

Bitdefender antivirus is known for having excellent security tools and features for complete security against malware that includes spyware, viruses, and Ransomware. You can use this security software for Free but there is a fact that you won’t be able to get the anti-theft features, account security, as well as safe browsing tools with this free version. This is the best pick for the Android antivirus application because of the fast, powerful, and powerful real-time malware scanning engine.

Bitdefender’s Premium Mobile Security for Android is the best choice if you are looking for advanced features as it is one of the best and reasonable Android mobile security apps.

McAfee Mobile Security – Excellent Theft Protection

McAfee Mobile Security provides various best free features that include real-time malware protection as well as device optimization. It has excellent McAfee’s Theft protection tools. Android McAfee’s app comes with:

  • Remote Wiping – Helps to delete sensitive data in case if your mobile phone gets lost or stolen
  • GPS Location – To find the exact location for a stolen or lost phone
  • CaptureCam – that takes a photo from your front-facing camera if someone is trying to get into your phone.

The premium app of McAfee includes a VPN Virtual Private Network and an Advertisement blocker that is a really exciting feature for Mobile security. There are various free advertisement blockers and if you think that there is no need for a premium VPN then, you are wrong as a premium VPN is very necessary for your device because the mobile users usually conduct online transactions from their mobile-only. McAfee Mobile security brings the powerful antivirus engine to Android and integrates with some exciting features for loss and theft prevention which is important in case if you have a high-end Android device or you have stored sensitive information on it.

Kaspersky Security for Android – Strong Malware Protection/Anti-Theft Features

Kaspersky Internet Security is a strong and powerful free option for Android users but it is an excellent paid product and it is effective as it comes to provide necessary mobile antivirus features, 

  • Malware Scanning – It scans the device for viruses, and remove the malicious files as well as scans incoming data for known threats with the highly-respected Kaspersky’s malware scanner. 
  • Location Detection – The Find My Phone feature is designed to lock your phone and it allows you to check the location on the Kaspersky website as well as your Smartwatch or the desktop app of Kaspersky.
  • Anti-theft – It comes with a remote data wipe, camera capture, and app locking function therefore you can see that who is looking at your phone. You will even get a remote notification in case if there is any theft on your mobile phone.

BullGuard Mobile Security – Strong and Powerful Mobile Protection

BullGuard Mobile Security is a cutting-edge application that provides next-generation security for comprehensive protection against threats. It provides excellent protection against the damage which can cause because of loss or theft and also provide a vast range of powerful tools. BullGuard Mobile security offers excellent performance and also protects the battery life. It also has Mobile Security Manager which is a web-based platform which provides remote access to the device and also has all security features which mobile should have.

You should try these antivirus software programs for high-end mobile security. All of the above-given security programs are nowadays famous for their excellent and outstanding protection performance. Use antivirus and feel free to save any kind of data on your Mobile phone.

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