September 29, 2021

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Google top most products: Google Meet, Hangouts, Google Videos & Chat

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Google top most products: Google Meet, Hangouts, Google Videos & Chat

Google has some unique products that make your life simple and allows you to work smartly. Whether the question is simple usage or unique features, Google products are integrated with all those things which a person looking for in their online application. Professionals, students, and businessmen, all are just pleased to have these products and according to research, these products are used all across the world during the pandemic. Now, they have become a trend for online classes, work from home, and many more online activities as well.

Google Hangouts is the most appealing chat application that is designed into the Gmail free version and it also comes with video chat. You can have the facility to chat with anyone else with the Google Account whether paid or free. Video calling allows 25 people at once, and you can add a fake hat to your head or play with sound effects while video chat.

A new announcement from Google is that Hangouts allows YouTube Live for the Live Broadcasts that are streamed from your chat app. Hangouts work anywhere and on any device whether it is mobile or desktop browsers. It is just a click away in Gmail and when you create a new Google Calendar appointment then you will get a Hangouts link and easily jump on a call. This is great for business calls and also easy for personal chats.

Google Chat

Google Chat is widely used all over across the world and hence it is no surprise that it is integrated with the other work apps of Google. There is also an ever-present Google Drive Icon that appears in the New Conversation and Replies boxes. You can click on it to share a document very fast and you also can choose recent files or search via your whole Google Drive account to find any file which you need.

In case, if you already have the Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, or Drive File which you just want to share. You will just need to enter or paste it in the reply or threat box quickly preview it. The main thing is that you only need to do is to share a Google Drive or Docs file with others in Chat.

When you share a file then, Google will add everyone automatically in that room with commenting and viewing permission therefore they can easily have a look at that thing that you have shared. You will never have to wait for a document just because someone has forgotten to enable sharing in Google Docs.

Virtual Rooms (channels)

Chat features dedicated, virtual rooms for every team’s project might have with threaded conversations therefore your team can chat and also track the discussion progress. As you would expect, it has also deep integration with G Suite therefore you can share the content from Docs and Drive as well. You also can video things such as videos and photos directly from a conversation. There is a filterable search as you can search back via old discussions.

Google Meet

Whether you are replying to an old conversation or starting a new conversation, sometimes there is a need for more because the text isn’t enough. You might jump on a call and Meet video conferencing is integrated with Chat. For starting a call with everyone in the room then, click on the Meet Button in any New Conversation and Reply box. For calling on person, you should open a direct message with them and then, click on the Meet button there.

Google Meet Working Strategy

  • Google Video Conferences

You just need to share a link to start your meetings and it is up to you where you want to send that link. There will be no plug-ins, accounts, downloads, or any hurdles if you already in the Google ecosystem and signed into a browser such as Chrome. You can click on a link from Google Calendar and an email invitation share. And if you are in a conference room then, your laptop or a dedicated mobile app and it is just a few click and you are all set.

  • Presentations

Meet provides a native and full-screen presentation that makes it easy to display the projects of your team. Also, the sharing options aren’t as active which you usually find in Zoom and there is a useful option for sharing a single Chrome tab.

These are a few products that really compete well with the other related products in the market and hence they are widely used across the world. People love to have Google products because of safe and reliable services.

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