September 29, 2021

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Google is updating Photo Storage from coming June 1, 2021

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Google Photo Storage

Google is almost ready to change the unlimited best-quality and high-quality storage policy. Google has announced that Google Photo Storage users won’t be able to use free uploads starting June 1, 2021. If you have to upload high-quality videos or images, then they will come in your Google Drive storage limit from the next year. A few days ago, Google in a blog post confirmed this change and said “welcome even more of your memories”; the time has come to change its policy.

More than 1 billion users are using Google Photos, which has provided free unlimited storage for best-quality photos for those users around the platforms. Therefore, it was simple to just enable the back and synchronization option with that quality setting and allow your photos to upload to the cloud without any storage worries.

As there are many users who trust and rely on Google Photos for storing their memories safe and securely saved, it is essential that it is not just a great memory but it also continues to meet your expectations. To welcome even more of your memories and create Google Photos for the future, Google is working to change the unlimited High-quality storage policy.

The new Google Update is coming from June 1, 2021, if you are going to upload any new videos or photos then, all of them will count toward the free 15 GB of storage that comes with every Google Account or the extra storage which you have purchased as a Google One member. Your Google Account storage is successfully shared around Gmail, Drive, and Photos. This change also lets you keep rapidity with the increasing storage demand. Google never use information in Google Photos to for the advertisement purpose.

Now have a look at the current Google Storage Policy

Just before a few days, Google has offered the unlimited backup option for “high-quality” videos and photos. Well, the photos are compressed automatically to 16 MP and videos to the high definition. It also has an Express option that provides free unlimited storage but it also compresses photos almost by 3MP and videos to the standard definition. If you have chosen the Original Quality option then, there are a few new changes that will definitely not affect you.

Google already counts all your ”Original Quality” photos against a storage cap that appears in the Photo app and if you are a Google Pixel phone owner, then there is nothing to worry about as Google will let you upload videos and photos at the high-quality settings for free. Apart from these storage updates, there are a few additional changes that you must know. In case if you are not using your Gmail account, Drive, or Photos (inactive stage) for more than two years then, Google “Might” delete everything in that product.

Therefore if you are using Gmail but don’t use Photos for two years as you use another service, Google might delete any old photos which you had stored there. And in case if you rely upon your storage limit for two years, Google “may delete your content across Drive, Gmail, and Photos”.

Apart from Google Photos, Google is also including Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms, Drawings, as well as Jamboard files to the capacity of 15 GB storage. Google also has announced a policy to remove the content of accounts inactive for more than two years starting June 1.

What really affects the storage of Google Account?

Before June 1, 2021

There are a few things and items which you should count against your data storage

  • Gmail messages along with attachments that include Trash and Spam folders
  • Most files in Google Drive that include PDFs, videos, and images
  • Genuine quality videos and photos will be backed up to Google Photos
  • When you go over your storage limit
  • You can no longer upload new images or files to Google Drive
  • Your ability for sending and receiving emails in Gmail might be impacted
  • You cannot back-up Original quality videos and photos to Google Photos

After June 1, 2021

The following extra items will count against your storage quota:

  • High quality and Express quality videos and photos backed up to Google Photos after June 1, 2021
  • Files edited or created in collaborative content creation applications such as Sheets, Google Docs, Drawings, Slides, Jamboard, and Forms
  • Files uploaded or edited last before June 1, 2021, won’t count against your quota
  • Only files that are created or edited after June 1, 2021, won’t count against your quote
  • And here is the way through which your usage impacts your data
  • If you don’t use Gmail, Google Drive (including Sheets, Google Docs, Forms, Drawing, or Jamboard), or Google Photos for 2 years, and your content within the inactive products might be removed.
  • If you use your storage quota after the limit
  • You cannot upload new images and files to Google Drive
  • Sending and receiving email ability in Gmail also can be impacted
  • You can still sign in and get access to your Google Account

You will not be able to create new files in collaborative content creation apps such as Sheets, Google Docs, Slides, Drawings, Jamboard, and Forms. And unless you minimize your storage usage, neither you nor anyone else can really edit or copy your affected files. These are a few things comes with Google Update Photo Storage and you should know all of them very carefully.

Google will be providing a tool in June 2021 that allow you to customize your backed up videos and photos and pick what you want to keep and what you actually want to delete. The tool will highlight automatically content like dark or blurry large photos or large videos that you might not want to keep.

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