September 29, 2021

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Even after Windows Defender, should I install Antivirus software?

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Even after Windows Defender, should I install Antivirus software?

Nowadays people are getting smart, but are they smart enough to keep their devices secure? Yes, this is a big question and you should think about it. Although every device has its own security applications but is they secure enough for comprehensive protection. Of course not! Windows Defender is designed for device security but they aren’t that much upgraded and powerful for advanced protection. In this modern era, hackers and cyber-criminals are also getting smart and designing stubborn viruses that cannot be handled only by Windows Defender. The same goes with Mobile devices as they also have their own security applications for device protection but they are also not good enough for a complete shield from viruses and threats.

Now, the question arises if there is nothing embedded (like advanced security) in devices then what one should do for a full-protection? In such a case, even after Windows Defender, you should install Antivirus software. Don’t get confused because of various thoughts which are coming in your mind by hearing this “Antivirus”. In the market, there are so many security software programs available which assure you comprehensive security tools for PC, Laptop, and Android devices. But choosing the best one should be your aim. Don’t worry we are here with a few antivirus security software lists that really meet your requirement.

Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is the award-winning security software and it comes with excellent security tools for comprehensive protection. It has some exciting security tools that are effective enough to fight against advanced threats and viruses.

Real-Time Threat Security

It comes with advanced security that helps to protect your device against emerging and existing online threats to your devices and also provides security to the financial and private information when you are online.

Secure VPN

It is helpful is browsing in secret mode using a non-log VPN (Virtual Private Network). It adds bank-grade encryption for comprehensive security to your bank account details, and passwords.

Parental Control

It can manage the activity of kids when they are online. It helps them to learn, explore, and enjoy their connected websites more securely on their SmartPhone or PCs.

Cloud Backup of PC

It effectively stores the precious files and documents just like preventive measure for the data loss that a user might face because of a hard drive failure, lost devices, and even Ransomware

BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard award-winning security software that has been now enhanced with more advanced machine learning features around multiple-layers protection. The best dynamic machine learning helps to examine everything which comes on your devices. This is the way that threats can be examined in real-time and possibly harmful behavior can be blocked before your device meets any damage and even if your device isn’t connected to the internet.

Multiple-Layer Protection

There is some malware that tries to attack your PC that is easy and fast signature-based monitoring that is efficient in protecting your device against common threats, while the behavior engine helps to safeguard you against zero-day attacks. It also helps to identify threats with the help of cloud detection technology when they happen in real-time, without the update signature requirement on the device.

Home Network Crawl

Every device on your network has a possible backdoor that can provide hackers access to all devices. This feature helps to examine your network 24×7 and it includes smart speakers, baby monitors, and thermostats, and all other connected devices. When you connect a new device, it will scan your network to keep it secured. A messaging feature will allow you when you are connected to an insecure network.


It is effective in providing heavy-duty multi-layered protection to provide excellent protection against intruders as well as malware. It will block any unauthorized attempts that get you stuck while connected to the device to the internet while providing complete protection before, after, and during downloading software. It looks for security updates that assure that you always have advanced updates. It also is designed to use less processing powerful therefore other programs always can run quickly.

Secure Browser

A customized browser provides more safe and secure way for surfing the internet and a more secure platform where you can make payments online. The multi-layered protection keeps you safe and secure from well-known and malicious attacks and it doesn’t load cookies, add-ons without permission at the same time and also has the functions which you expect from a browser like as tips in the address bar, shortcuts, suggestions, and many more.

Vulnerability Scan

It prevents programs which contain malicious software program from downloading and checks the programs and drivers authenticity by checking their digital signatures. It alerts you for missing security updates and notifies if you have joined an insecure Wi-Fi network. A simple interface allows you to find security issues that can be fixed from the interface as Windows Defender updates applied.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus edition is highly top-rated and customizable antivirus software that is effective in safeguarding various businesses against Ransomware, viruses, adware, malware, rootkits, hackers, and Trojans. It is a security solution for PC that enables small and medium businesses to protect their files, data, emails, and networks against cyber threats.

Network Protection with Link Scanning

AVG helps to keep your network safe and secure from cyber-threats and allows companies and people safe and secure internet access. Before loading a webpage and it opens in a browser, the software starts scanning in case if it starts and shows a security rating in the result of the search engine.

Shield Technology for Email

The antivirus software provides an effective email shield technology that scans emails and removes content that loads malware or any security threats. It blocks email attachments that are dangerous and suspicious.

Smart Scanner

Apart from keeping files, data, and networks safe and secure, AVG ensures that your PC devices are protected against hackers and malware. Through the help of an advanced scanning engine, it scans the computer automatically when staff isn’t working. These security software programs are designed specifically by keeping data privacy and security concerns in mind so there is no chance of mistake or carelessness when the question is to provide complete security to your device.

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